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Employee Login

If you want to register yourself for the employee login please click register on top of the right corner of the site and follow the steps. If you already have an account you simple click on login to enter your username and password. Following are the benefits to register:

  • Newsletters
  • Member messaging
  • Member notification
  • Private pages
  • And more...

MDR employees working in the head office or at one of the MDR projects can access with their company email address to the private news, discussion and bulletin board of the company after getting joining permission from the administrator. To join or access please click on logo or: here

The MDR blog page provides creative and innovative articles, news and information about and from the different activities and departments of the organization. The blog is for the time being only for MDR employees, employees will need to register as members to get an access to the blog. Authorized members can write and comment on the information posted on the blog.

MDR Portal is a shared folder solution for specific Almajdouie De Rijke employees that need to have an access to the MDR-DMS (Documented Management System) and functions to exchange files, documents and other important information. There's no need to subscribe to this service as all concerned will be automatically given permission to enter. To enter please click on icon or: here