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7th IMS Management Review Meeting

Almajdouie and De Rijke Ltd. conducted on the 11th of May, 2016 the important biannually reoccurring and 7th IMS Management review meeting in Park-Inn hotel Al-Khobar. This meeting is an IMS (integrated management system) requirement that's used to discuss the performance results and outcome of the previous period and to strategically plan for the consecutive period.

The meeting resulted in the following goals for 2016;

  • To create more customers’ and employees’ satisfaction,
  • Creating a safer work environment,
  • Focusing on quality concerned activities,and;
  • Improve the organization towards continual improvement of the IMS and operations.

Thanks to MDR management team for attending this session and especially the company’s CEO Mr. Baheej Beqawi for his great input and commitment for making MDR a renewed success.