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Quality Management

MDR being a leader in innovative solutions has managed to develop different levels of quality management professionals in the organization from ISO 9001: 2008 to Lean Six Sigma the organization has various levels of quality understanding. For example basic quality training is LSS white and/or yellow belt trainings to ensure that all levels of the organization have basic quality understanding, talk the same language and can function as a support for the project teams on the site. MDR will incorporate LSS wherever necessary in our project to ensure the operations stays on the highest level of international compliance.

Quality control

The main function of MDR quality control unit is to ensure that the prescribed standards of bagging, packaging, warehouse and loading operations are being met and maintained throughout the supply chain. Our quality control inspectors virtually monitor all the goods from Silo to Shipping and they are a crucial factor for the success of the packaging units that depends on the quality of the goods produced by them. Therefore, the role of MDR quality control inspectors is extremely important.

The function of the quality control officer spreads across the various stages of the packaging process. For instance, raw material will be checked by an inspector to confirm compliance of the product quality, but this doesn’t mean that operators do not carry any responsibility; in fact our operators are the initial product quality inspectors and our QC inspectors are the 2nd defensive line to prevent any fault from slipping between our fingers and giving us a 2nd opportunity to identify and correct any mistakes happened during the process.