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Smart Solutions

Today, specialization is the main feature of modern industrial production. This is seen in the petro-chemical industry increasingly outsourcing logistics activities to third party providers, as these activities require additional skills and should be performed on a shared-user basis.

The long experiences of both mother companies has provided MdR Logistics the opportunity to gain strong understanding of the management of mega projects from the operation management of the plants to the delivery of the products. Therefore, MdR Logistics exclusively provides supply chain services to the polymer liquid industry as follows:

  • Silo & Bagging Management
  • Production planning
  • Polymer, liquid packaging, and palletizing
  • Packed and bulk product handling
  • Bagging/drumming line maintenance management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Product handling equipment supply and maintenance
  • Onsite logistics facility maintenance
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Freight forwarding and export Management
  • Terminal (off site) logistics management
  • Container handling
  • Customs clearance