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Silo & Bagging Management

Technology plays a vital role in the success of the business and it can be trusted that MdR Logistics has the required technological solutions, in-house expertise to meet clients’ requirements competently and efficiently, and to maintain the highest standards of services and best-in-class performance.

In Bagging Operations, MDR handles the below entire related activities which also includes planning and execution of customers bagging machines. The activities mainly carried out on bagging machines are:

  • silo management and order processing based on SAP availibility of product.
  • automatically packaging through the full automated bagging machines.
  • monitoring bagging operations of polymer products with well experienced and qualified manpower.
  • marking of polymer product type and product lot number on each and every bag with automatic printing machine.
  • palletizing of bagged product ensuring that the right information is printed on the product packed bags along with the right quality of printing.
  • storing of packed product in warehouse or open yard and keeping it ready to be shipped as per customer requirement.